About us

Plastic Surgery & Dermatology EMR App, CureCast is a state of the art Electronic Medical Record or EMR app for physicians who needs to keep online track of patient’s pictures, & before after. We help plastic surgeon and dermatologist to store, classify, find, add, edit, download, share and compare patient’s pictures from anywhere with secured EMR login.

We make medical photograph management simpler for the treatment, new patient conversion and marketing purpose. CureCast allows cosmetic procedures reporting within a few minutes. The time-saving is estimated up to 20% for standardized procedures.

Key Features

-- Picture Classification, Picture Finder and Retrieval --
CureCast is #1 EMR/EHR app for the plastic surgery and dermatologists to store, classify and find patient’s pictures by patient name, diagnosis, treatment notes, mobile number, therapist name, services, patient’s case ID and date.

-- Cosmetic Treatment Timeline Review and Add Follow-up Pictures --
CureCast allows the saving of patients’ standardized pictures at every step of the medical or cosmetic procedure. Regular picture taking through CureCast will lead to the establishment of a cosmetic timeline of patients hence allowing the accurate analysis of the evolution of patients’ features as well as the impact of cosmetic procedures along with diagnosis and treatment. The cosmetic time-line can be easily shown to the concerned patient during a consultation. It is very simple and easy to add follow up pictures, and create before after or collage in a blink.

-- Before After --
An innovative comparison tool to show the progress to patients.
We help you to review patient’s pictures by visit date and create before after in a blink. You can also add watermark and text to easily share it on social media. You can also save before after by treatment name and create a copy of it in before after module for faster retrieval.

-- Before After Portfolio --
CureCast automatically creates a copy of all patient’s before after by treatment name in before after portfolio. Hence, you can easily find before after by patient name during new client consultation who wants a similar treatment. It also helps you to overlay before image over after image, and record the video for plastic surgery and dermatology patients who want treatment like liposuction, blepharoplasty, breast implants, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck and botox.

-- Patient Education Albums --
You can build exhaustive picture albums of all your services for new patient education and counseling.

-- Picture Editor & Social Media Sharing--
Our powerful picture editor offers multiple tools to edit the picture for the patient privacy and publication purposes. You can easily add text and watermark on pictures and share on social media after password verification.

-- Single Source of All Pictures, Videos and Documents --
CureCast provide unlimited cloud storage and helps you to store all types of documents, mp4 videos and pictures on Amazon AWS and S3 Cloud servers.

-- Upgraded Security on HIPAA Complaint Server --
All of your and patient’s data are encrypted and stored on HIPPA complaint Amazon AWS and S3 servers. It is not stored offline on your phone, tablet or pc. A personal password restricts the access to these data.

-- Picture and Data Export --
CureCast is a tool for communication. Patients’ pictures tagged can be easily exported as JPEG files in bulk after password verification. After pictures anonymization, the cosmetic practitioner can easily illustrate meetings presentations with high quality data and precisely explain to colleagues his approach to cosmetic treatment. You can also upload all your patient’s data in excel after the password verification.